The Evolution Eagle

Provides overwatch and secures your sky!

The Evolution Eagle - a covert surveillance platform

The Evolution Eagle is developed based on military end user needs. A new and innovative way to provide overwatch. Inspired by nature!
The eagle shape silouette and flight patterns are providing a more covert footprint compared to other UAS platforms.

Eagle eye view (First Person View)

We are flying by First Person View (FPV). This provides a real time “Eagle eye” view of the Area Of Operations (AOR)

For different needs additional payloads can by added:

  • Daytime camera
  • Thermal Camera
  • C-UAS Kinetic interception
  • 3D mapping

Portable carry case - 3 min assembly

The Evolution Eagle comes in a TSA approved carry case. Assembly time is 3 minutes.

By making the Evolution Eagle portable end users can easily travel with the Eagle and deploy within minutes!





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The Evolution Eagle is developed and produced in Europe (The Netherlands). We are building our own parts and only import a small number of parts from abroad..