Intercepting hostile drones

using birds of prey

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We are providing C-UAS solutions to mitigate hostile drones around the world

Birds of prey

Birds of prey have been used for hunting for thousands of years. They use their strength and speed when they hunt: they are the masters of the air. In recent times the world has been facing a new and growing threat, the hostile use of commercial off the shelf drones.

Our specialized team with over 27 years’ experience in training birds of prey has been developing special training programs to teach birds of prey to hunt for hostile drones. We are selecting and training C-UAS Birds of Prey for clients like you all around the world.

Birdhandler Training

When you are buying a C-UAS Bird of Prey we will provide all the training needed for your staff to handle the Birds of Prey on a day-to day basis. Our Birdhandler Training Program is based on our in-depth knowledge on working with Birds of Prey.

At the end of our Training Program your staff will know everything needed to handle our trained Birds. From basics on working with Birds of Prey, safety for the handler and bystanders, caretaking, weight management and, deploying the C-UAS Birds of Prey.


We understand that you may not have the time or expertise to set up your own C-UAS Bird of Prey capability, let alone researching on building bird quarters and look into the Birdhandler Training program programs. That is where we come in.

We can assist in all the details to set-up your own C-UAS Bird of Prey capability. We will take care of developing a tailored solution for your organization. In most cases this will include an on-site survey to give you the best consult on how to implement the C-UAV Capability.

Counter UAS solutions (C-UAS)

We are working with our Military clients to set up their own Bird of Prey capability to counter hostile drones, for example on Force Protection. Next to our regular Birdhandler Training Program in The Netherlands we can tailor a custom training program on our clients site abroad. Combining C-UAS birds of Prey with other C-UAS solutions is also possible. If needed we can also supply operators.

Law Enforcement
Counter UAS solutions (C-UAS)

We are working closely with a number of international Law Enforcement agencies on building their own C-UAS Bird of Prey capability. In most cases this will be for providing static operational deployment on high-risk client sites like airfields, prisons, dignitary residences or public events. Our C-UAS Bird of Prey capability was developed together and tested by the Dutch National Police and is now operational.

Every location and potential target is unique.

After a preliminary threat analysis, we will help you to select the best suitable C-UAS solutions. When that solution is using C-UAS Birds of Prey, we carry out a site survey, during which our specialized team will check the location on access points, obstacles and best positions to deploy the birds. In most cases this will be a static position on the high ground, guard tower or on the roof of a building. We will assist you in all steps needed to build you own C-UAS Capability tailored to your needs.

When deployed at a location, a GFA certified Team (bird handler and bird of prey) will report to the Force Protection Unit or Protective Services Detail (PSD), which can also deploy additional C-UAS tools (e.g. additional means of Drone Detection or Electronic Counter Measures). Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and follow-up procedures after interception of a hostile drone are set, after which the team is ready. We have been researching and collecting intelligence on drone-incidents around the world from 2013.

We can provide in-depth intelligence reports tailored to your site and on request also provide red-teaming exercises. Because of our network of partners around the world we can also provide additional C-UAS solutions and or incorporate these in Hybrid solutions. This includes providing C-UAS Operators through our partners.

Birds of prey

Bird of prey or predatory bird, also known as raptors, refers to several species of birds that originally hunt and feed on rodents and other small animals. The term raptor is derived from the Latin word rapere, meaning to seize or take by force. These birds are characterized by keen vision that allows them to detect their prey during flight, as well as powerful talons and beaks.

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Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.

With over 27 years experience in training birds of prey and in-depth knowledge on drone-threats we assist our clients in keeping their assets and citizens safe from hostile drones