Drones for good

Drones, or UAS are great technical innovations that are already changing our way of living. Not only are drones solving technical problems. Drones are also providing a new way for regular citizens to see the world from a different perspective. 

Sadly drones can also be used for bad intentions by incident, or on purpose by criminals and terrorists.

Drone detection provides awareness and a way to mitigate this possible threat

By having a drone detection system in place the drones that are in your airspace are becoming visable. Good detection systems will provide the GPS location of the drone but also the GPS position of the drone pilot. With this information the drone pilots can be asked to land if they do not have permits to fly at the specific locations.

Drone pilots with bad intentions can be adressed by local law enforcement.

Securing your sky with drone detection

By employing drone detection solutions you are reducing the risk of drone incidents with serious effects.

Drone detection systems will give you the means to secure your sky

Drones for good can be distinguised from malicious drone users. This will enable you to secure your sky. Drones cleared to fly can be added as White listed drones.

In very specific cases we can also deliver RF jamming systems capable of selective jamming. These systems are only sold to government entities with specific permits.

Our drone detection systems are already securing skies around the world

Guard From Above has joined forces with a drone detection manufacturer that is providing 24/7 drone detection around the world. Airports, city centers, seaports, military facilities and other government assets.

Do you also want to make you airspace dronesafe?

Get in touch,we are happy to help you to secure your sky!