Detecting trespassing drones and locating drone pilots?

The number of drones in the air is growing every day. 

This creates a new challenge on air traffic control. 

It is prohibited to fly drones within the CTR zones nearby airfields to prevent safety incidents.

In the 2022 research paper of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport it states that EVERY week several hundreds drones are flying in the CTR of Schiphol Airport. Every week dozens of these drones fly above the 120metre additional height restriction.  A large number of these drones is flying above Amsterdam and can pose serious safety risks to airplanes decending to land.

Guard From Above is reseller for a AI enabled Radio Frequency  drone detection solution:

  • Proven drone detection solution within several european airports

  • Capable of detecting 400+ drone models.  (DJI/Non DJI and drone transponder ready)

  • Detection range 7+km

  •  Geolocating drones

  •  Geolocating drone pilots


Do you want to detect trespassing drones and locate drone pilots?