About us

Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use Birds of Prey to intercept hostile drones.
Our specialized team of experts has over 30 years’ experience in training Birds of Prey.

We have been researching drone related incidents and contra drone (C-UAS) solutions since 2013. We have been successfully working with the Dutch National Police on developing our C-UAS Bird of Prey solution to a Operational deployment measure. We are situated at the WTC The Hague Business centere, The Netherlands and are helping clients around the world on building their own C-UAS Bird of Prey capability


Our Story

After researching drone related incidents ever since 2013 where COTS UAS (Commercial Of The Shelf drones) were being used for bad our Founder Sjoerd Hoogendoorn started to look in to possible countermeasures to mitigate the possible threat of UAS. With a technical background he was looking at drones with nets, lasers, jamming, hacking but eventually came up with the idea to use the animal hunting instincts of Eagles to counter this new and growing threat: They are the masters of the sky!

While consulting with bird training expert Ben de Keijzer who has over 30 years’ experience in training birds Sjoerd and Ben decided to work together to develop and test this innovative idea and Guard From Above was started. After successful trials they contacted the Dutch National Police and invited them for a demonstration. After the demonstration the Dutch National Police asked Guard From Above to start an Innovation project to research how this innovative C-UAS measure could be implemented within the Dutch National Police.

After successful completing the Innovation project, Guard From Above was asked to train a number of Eagles for the Dutch National Police and to train a undisclosed number of Birdhandlers. Guard From Above also has provided C-UAS services at a number of public events in The Netherlands and Europe.

Sjoerd Hoogendoorn

CEO | Founder | C-UAS Specialist

Working in the C-UAS industry since 2013. Entrepeneur with a strong background in projectmanagement and innovation.

Driven to make the world a safer place. Sjoerds working philosophy is cocreation with specialists and clients in order to achieve the best results.

Ben de Keijzer

COO | Co-Founder | Bird Specialist

Over 30 years+ experience in training birds of prey. Known internationally as an expert, he is routinely asked to advice on training programs for birds of prey.

Ben has worked with birds since his youth and has turned that passion into his profession.



Birdhandlers & Birds

Our team of experienced passionate specialists and birds 😉 are working together to help our clients to solve their problems.




Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid is a subsidiary of the Teijin Group and world leader in aramids. Its aramid products Twaron®, Sulfron®, Teijinconex®, Technora® and its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) Endumax® are renowned for their strength, sustainability, safety, heat resistance and low weight. Teijin Aramid’s Endumax® is a thin, ultra-strong tape with a very high modulus, high cut, impact and wear resistance, suitable for a wide range of applications like ballistic protection, ropes and cables and composites.

Endumax® amongst other products is used by Guard From Above to provide the birds of prey with an additional higher level of protection for professional drone platforms.


Dick Bouwhuis

Newsecure | Founder | Military Specialist

Dick Bouwhuis founded New Secure because he truly believes that security can always be improved. He has gained extensive experience in many different and dynamic security scenarios, in both a national and international environments.

In his 40 year military career he gained a lot of operational experience in the field of Force Protection, EOD & C-IED operations. From 2014 Dick specialized in C-UAS and as project manager he implemented the Masterplan C-UAS of the Royal Netherlands Air Force until mid-2021.

“For me, security is more than you see; the best security isn’t just about security personnel, gates, fences, cameras and other visible security measures. For me, security starts with an innovative security concept, a well-thought-out plan with measures to counter drones, but also to use drones to achieve the best effect.”


TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research TNO, was founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge. As an organization regulated by public law, they are independent: not part of any government, university or company.

TNO has been working together with Guard From Above and the Dutch National Police and suppliers to research the impact drone propellers could have on the Bird of Prey talons and possible ways to develop additional talon armor for professional grade drones.