How we use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones

Not every location has the same threat of drones.

A drone doesn’t have be a threat at all. Is a drone carrying a HD-camera? This could be a threat but doesn’t always have to pose a threat.

Our first step is always to do a Threat analysis. The next step is to select the best combination of contra drone solutions. Detection & classification and of course neutralisation (interception). After a drone incident it is important to investigate the background of the incident and to share the incident data.

We are working on a Database with global drone incidents and future threats (also Red teaming).

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Figuur Basic steps in C-UAV measures Guard From Above PNG

How does it work?

Our GFA-trained birds and GFA-trained Birdhandlers are stationed at High Risk Locations. Compare our services with security dog handler services. We also train staff of Police, Defense forces, Prison and correctionals officers and Security companies to handle GFA-trained birds.

Clients/End users :

  • Airfields
  • Prison and Corrections facilities
  • Nuclear facilities/Critical Infrastructure
  • Embassies/VIP residences
  • Public Events/ Sports Arena’s
  • Military compounds abroad
How we intercept drones


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About Guard From Above

Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.

With over 27 years experience in training birds of prey and in-depth knowledge on drone-threats we assist our clients in keeping their assets and citizens safe from hostile drone