Intercepting hostile drones

Drones are here to stay. We are convinced that drones will change the world as we know it in a positive way. Drones can be used by companies and private persons for good and innovative ways. They represent 95% of the drone users.

But….sadly there are also people with bad intentions that want to use drones for bad. Drone users who want to use drones as criminal or terrorist tools. Of course there are also people with good intentions who are flying drones in places where they can pose a danger for the public(airfields, Public events).

Our focus is on the 5% of the (bad) drone users.

We are using birds of prey to intercept hostile drones and to make the world safer

How we use birds of prey to intercept bad drones

Not every location has the same threat of drones.

A drone doesn’t have be a threat at all. Is a drone carrying a HD-camera? This could be a threat but doesn’t always have to pose a threat. Our first step is always to do a Threat analysis.

– A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem –

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Our products/services

  • Guard and protection duty (on site) (The Netherlands)
  • GFA Certified Birds of prey (buy your own GFA trained bird)
  • GFA Certified Birdhandler Training Program (train your staff to handle our GFA trained birds)
  • Consultancy services (C-UAV specialist knowledge and client specific questions)

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Date: 19-23 Februari  2017

IDEX 2017 International Defence Exhibition and Conference

A partner of Guard From Above was present at the IDEX 2017 show in Abu Dahbi UAE. A lot of interesting contacts were made and future collaborations are being explored.


Date: Februari  2017

French Airforce copies Guard From Above idea

In 2016 a delegation of the French Police and Military visited Guard From Above. In Februari 2017 they made the news that they also have started to train birds of prey to intercept hostile drones. Great Idea guys!

Themadag Innovatie Nationale Politie 09-12-2016 (2) website foto

Date: December 9th 2016

Guard From Above at Innovation day Dutch National Police

December 9th Guard From Above was invited by the Dutch National Police to expo at the 2016 Innovation day at the Police Academy.

Besides the expo, Guard From Above also demonstrated several drone interceptions with the Eagles from Guard From Above and one of the Police Eagles in training with Guard From Above.


Date: December  2016

International Law enforcement Delegation visit

In December a number of international Law enforcement officials visited Guard From Above to explore ways to work together on countering drones.

Innovatiecongres Veiligheid en Justitie 22-11-2016 tbv website

Date: October 22th 2016

Guard From Above at Security conference Outside IN

October 22th Guard From Above was invited by The Ministry of Security and Justice to expo at the event Outside IN. Over a 1000 participants form science, public and private organisations with a passion for security came together to experience innovation and to explore ways to collaborate.

NBC Congress centrum Copyright NBC Nieuwegein
copyright NBC Nieuwegein

Date: October 11th 2016

Guard From Above invited at Law enforcement event

October 11th Guard From Above was invited by the Dutch Law enforcement community to expo at an event were special innovative new security solutions were presented.


Date: Oktober 1st 2016

Dutch National Police Safety-day (Amsterdam-Team Amstel)

Guard From Above was present at the Safety-day for Team Citycentre/Amstel of the Dutch National Police in Amsterdam.

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About Guard From Above

Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.