Intercepting Hostile Drones

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Intercepting hostile drones

My Story……

Ever since 2012 I have had an interest in UAV’s/drones. Drones can be used in very innovative ways and will change our future for good. In 2013 I started researching and analyzing incidents around the world were drones were posing a risk to society. Sadly as with all innovative new technologies drones were also discovered by people with malicious intentions to cause harm.

My Why

I have always had an internal drive to find a way to make our world a little bit more safer and to do my duty as a sheepdog. This was my trigger to take the next step.

Researching and analyzing drone incidents

After researching and analyzing drone incidents for a couple of years I started looking into ways to counter hostile drone use. Using drones shooting nets, jamming/hacking, lasers and other ways to counter this new and upcoming threat.

Crazy (but interesting) idea

Eventually I came up with the idea to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones, birds of prey have been used for hunting for ages. A drone is just a new kind of “prey” to hunt. As this idea seamed crazy at first, after talking to a Falconry-specialist with over 25 years’ experience in training birds of prey we decided to work together on developing this crazy idea. “a low tech solution for a high tech problem”………

Dutch National Police Force

In 2015 when we finished our proof of concept I contacted the Dignitary Protection Unit from the Dutch National Police Force for a demonstration. After the successful demonstration the Dutch National Police (DNP) asked us to work with them to research if and how this unique solution could be developed to a countermeasure. We have been working with the DNP since 2015 to our operational deployment today.

By training birds of prey to intercept hostile drones we are making the world safer.

I hope I have given you some background on our journey……..

Sjoerd Hoogendoorn

Founder and CEO Guard From Above

Our products/services

  • GFA Certified Birds of prey
  • GFA Certified Birdhandler Training Program
  • Consultancy services


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Guard From Above Company Leaflet 2017


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Date: September 14th 2017

2017 Bird training program

This year we have a New batch of birds in training for our international clients in the Defense and Law enforcement Industry.


Date: September 12-15th 2017

Guard From Above attending DSEI 2017 Event London

Guard From Above will attend the DSEI 2017 to meet our current and new clients, Industry partners and explorer opportunities to work together on innovating in the Defense and Security Industry 

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. DSEI represents the entire supply chain on an unrivalled scale.

Attend DSEI 2017 to develop relationships with an audience of over 34,000 including Defence Ministers, International Military and Armed Forces, key industry players and private sector companies.


Date: April 18th 2017

2017 Bird handler Training Program Class started

After a pre-assesment of the candidates a number of government candidates have started the 2017 class in our Bird handler Training Program.

In our Bird handler Training Program we are training staff from (mostly) international law enforcement, miltary units en Private security companies to work with GFA-certfified birds of prey and to deploy them operationally to counter unwanted drones. The training program is based on over 25 years of training birds of prey and contains theoretical class sessions, practical sessions working with our birds and group sessions.

This 20-day training program will take place in The Netherlands and in most cases we will also do some additional on the job training on-site with our clients. On special request we also can provide custom made training programs for our clients.

Good luck to this new class of Bird Handlers in training!


Date: 18-26th March  2017

US Business trip Guard From Above (Maryland- Washington DC)

In cooperation with The Hague Security Delta (HSD), InnovationQuarter, BWTech and the American Embassy to the Netherlands, the Maryland Department of Commerce was launching the Soft Landing Program Security Technologies NL/USA (Maryland). This program allows dutch small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to have the ability to establish new customers and partnerships in the US market, possibly leading to a permanent presence in the United States.

The Soft Landing Program is designed to assist companies to carry out international business development in a new foreign market through support and incubation facilities for a trial period between 1st of January and 31st of March 2017. This allows companies to establish customers and partnerships, leading to the possibility of establishing a permanent presence in the foreign market of either Maryland (greater Washington DC) or West Holland (Province of Zuid-Holland).

Guard From Above traveled to the US from the 18th- 26th of March in this program to meet with current and future customers and to explore partnerships. There were several very good high-level meetings and some time to also explore ways to work together with our fellow Soft-landing company and C-UAV detection specialist Robin Radar.

Copyright credit: Army Recognition

Date: 19-23 Februari  2017

IDEX 2017 International Defence Exhibition and Conference

A partner of Guard From Above was present at the IDEX 2017 show in Abu Dahbi UAE. A lot of interesting contacts were made and future collaborations are being explored.


Date: Februari  2017

French Airforce copies Guard From Above idea

In 2016 a delegation of the French Police and Military visited Guard From Above. In Februari 2017 they made the news that they also have started to train birds of prey to intercept hostile drones. Great Idea guys!

Themadag Innovatie Nationale Politie 09-12-2016 (2) website foto

Date: December 9th 2016

Guard From Above at Innovation day Dutch National Police

December 9th Guard From Above was invited by the Dutch National Police to expo at the 2016 Innovation day at the Police Academy.

Besides the expo, Guard From Above also demonstrated several drone interceptions with the Eagles from Guard From Above and one of the Police Eagles in training with Guard From Above.


Date: December  2016

International Law enforcement Delegation visit

In December a number of international Law enforcement officials visited Guard From Above to explore ways to work together on countering drones.

Innovatiecongres Veiligheid en Justitie 22-11-2016 tbv website

Date: October 22th 2016

Guard From Above at Security conference Outside IN

October 22th Guard From Above was invited by The Ministry of Security and Justice to expo at the event Outside IN. Over a 1000 participants form science, public and private organisations with a passion for security came together to experience innovation and to explore ways to collaborate.

NBC Congress centrum Copyright NBC Nieuwegein
copyright NBC Nieuwegein

Date: October 11th 2016

Guard From Above invited at Law enforcement event

October 11th Guard From Above was invited by the Dutch Law enforcement community to expo at an event were special innovative new security solutions were presented.


Date: Oktober 1st 2016

Dutch National Police Safety-day (Amsterdam-Team Amstel)

Guard From Above was present at the Safety-day for Team Citycentre/Amstel of the Dutch National Police in Amsterdam.

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Sjoerd Hoogendoorn

About Guard From Above

Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.