Intercepting hostile drones

Drones are here to stay. We are convinced that drones will change the world as we know it in a positive way. Drones can be used by companies and private persons for good and innovative ways. They represent 95% of the drone users.

But….sadly there are also people with bad intentions that want to use drones for bad. Drone users who want to use drones as criminal or terrorist tools. Of course there are also people with good intentions who are flying drones in places where they can pose a danger for the public(airfields, Public events).

Our focus is on the 5% of the (bad) drone users.

We are using birds of prey to intercept hostile drones and to make the world safer

How we use birds of prey to intercept bad drones

Not every location has the same threat of drones.

A drone doesn’t have be a threat at all. Is a drone carrying a HD-camera? This could be a threat but doesn’t always have to pose a threat. Our first step is always to do a Threat analysis.

– A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem –

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Download The Official Press Release

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  • Guard and protection duty (on site) (The Netherlands)
  • GFA Certified Birds of prey (buy your own GFA trained bird)
  • GFA Certified Birdhandler Training Program (train your staff to handle our GFA trained birds)
  • Consultancy services (C-UAV specialist knowledge and client specific questions)

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Date: Oktober 1st 2016

Dutch National Police Safety-day (Amsterdam-Team Amstel)

Guard From Above was present at the Safety-day for Team Citycentre/Amstel of the Dutch National Police in Amsterdam.

Date: September 9th 2016

Dutch Police first to deploy GFA trained Birds of prey to intercept hostile drones

The Dutch National Police is the first government agency in the world to deploy Birds of prey trained by Guard From Above. After succesfully completing extensive testing the Dutch Police has bought a number of Birds of prey that will be trained by Guard From Above. Also Guard From Above will train a select number of Police officers to become a GFA-Certified Birdhandler.

Friday september 9th the Dutch National Police and Guard From Above demonstrated a drone-interception in an urban scenario.


Date: September 9th 2016

Drones Innovation Day:New ways to counter hostile drones

On Wednesday september 14th 2016 the Ministry of Security and Justice in collaboration with Twente Safety and Security and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has organized the Drones Innovation Day. Drones that deliver explosives, gather information on locations where this is not wanted, disrupt airtraffic or emergency services and disrupt public order. These are some of the negative examples of drone use. Countering this new and growing threat asks for innovative solutions. The Drones Innovation day was a event to see what current and future ways are available to Detect, classify, intercept and to neutralize hostile drones. Guard From Above succesfully demonstrated an interception of a DJI Phantom drone at this event. Also new collaborations were formed between the several C-UAV companies present at this event.

Date: July 1st 2016

Article WIRED Magazine (US issue)

Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics. Rene Chun of Wired Magazine wrote an article on 5 drone Countermeasures……..Number 1: our Raptors !

Date: June 9th 2016

Fieldlab Smartbase event (Dutch Defense forces)

During this event the Dutch military challenged private companies and SME to help develop safer future military compounds abroad. GFA has written a project proposal to help the Dutch Military to protect our men and women against hostile drones at compounds abroad.

Date: May 30th 2016

Article New York Times

Great article by Stephen Castle of the New York Times who visited a training with us. One of the best articles on GFA

>Full article, including video:

Click here for the PDF file

Date: May 24th 2016

CBS News-item : Watch out, drones: This bald eagle can take you down (including video)

A couple of weeks ago we had cameracrew from CBS News and the New York Times as our guest during a GFA-demo. There was a lot of wind this day but in the end the results were great! Our birds performed perfect!

Full article: use-eagles- to-take- down-illegal- drones/

Date: April 14th 2016

Experience Day Drone Counter Measures

Guard From Above was attending and Pitching at the Experience Day Drone counter Measures. April 14th was about new technologies that meet the challenge of detecting and eliminating small drones. A one day event focussed on drone countermeasures. The spirit was to see actual demonstrations besides PowerPoint’s. Let’s fly, detect and catch drones for real.

Location: Woensdrecht Air Base

Attending where, those responsible for securing high profile evenor critical infrastructures like airports, harbours, military compounds, prisons, industrial sites, electricity companies or nuclear power plants. This event was initiated by Securitas Belgium and Robin Radar Systems from the Netherlands and supported by various other companies who demonstrate their techniques. The event was facilitated by the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Business Park Aviolanda.

Great day, with near perfect weather. A lot of great different solutions and great spirit of all participants on the ambition on keeping our clients airspace dronesafe.

Date: April 5th 2016

BBC-Item : The eagle that chases drones

The BBC item on the Demonstration on March 8th (including video), This video was part of a larger item on BBC CLICK on Drones and Counter drone measures.

Full article:

Click – 26/03/2016
In a drone special, the team race drones and then take them down with the help of an eagle. Plus learning how to program a BBC Microbit.

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Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.