How we intercept drones, with birds of prey

Every location and potential target is unique.

After a preliminary threat analysis, we will help you to select the best suitable C-UAS solutions. When that solution is using C-UAS Birds of Prey, we carry out a site survey, during which our specialized team will check the location on access points, obstacles and best positions to deploy the birds. In most cases this will be a static position on the high ground, guard tower or on the roof of a building. We will assist you in all steps needed to build you own C-UAS Capability tailored to your needs. Included Birdquarters, trainingprocedures, feeding and caretaking.

When deployed at a location, a GFA certified Team (bird handler and bird of prey) will report to the Force Protection Unit or Protective Services Detail (PSD), which can also deploy additional C-UAS tools (e.g. additional means of Drone Detection or Electronic Counter Measures). Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and follow-up procedures after interception of a hostile drone are set, after which the team is ready.

We can provide in-depth intelligence reports tailored to your site and on request also provide red-teaming exercises. Because of our network of partners around the world we can also provide additional C-UAS solutions and or incorporate these in Hybrid solutions. This includes providing C-UAS Operators through our partners.

 At this moment in time Guard From Above provides Bird training and Birdhandler Training for Law Enforcement and Military clients around the world.

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The number of hostile drone threats is rising

We use a six-step program to help you to set up your own capabilities to eliminate threats


Threat analysis and
Solutions Fit GFA

1 day (free of charge)



4 days (2 GFA experts)


GFA bird
Training Program

1 year daily training


GFA Bird Handler
Training Program

20 days (small group training)


GFA Follow-up
on the job training

5 day (on client site)


GFA operational
advice consultancy


Our Story

After researching drone related incidents ever since 2013 where COTS UAS (Commercial Of The Shelf drones) were being used for bad our Founder Sjoerd Hoogendoorn started to look in to possible countermeasures to mitigate the possible threat of UAS. With a technical background he was looking at drones with nets, lasers, jamming, hacking but eventually came up with the idea to use the animal hunting instincts of Eagles to counter this new and growing threat. They are the masters of the sky!

While consulting with bird training expert Ben de Keijzer who has over 27 years’ experience in training birds Sjoerd and Ben decided to work together to develop and test this innovative idea and Guard From Above was started. After successful trials they contacted the Dutch National Police and invited them for a demonstration. After the demonstration the Dutch National Police asked Guard From Above to start an Innovation project to research how this innovative C-UAS measure could be implemented within the Dutch National Police.

After successful completing the Innovation project, Guard From Above was asked to train a number of Eagles for the Dutch National Police and to train a undisclosed number of Birdhandlers. Guard From Above also has provided C-UAS services at a number of public events in The Netherlands.

At this moment in time Guard From Above provides Bird training and Birdhandler Training for Law Enforcement and Military clients around the world.

How we intercept drones


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About Guard From Above

Guard From Above is the first company in the world to use birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.

With over 27 years experience in training birds of prey and in-depth knowledge on drone-threats we assist our clients in keeping their assets and citizens safe from hostile drone